About Me

Germán Madala

wedding photographer

Hi, I’m German!

I declare myself passionate about art and gastronomy. Since I was a kid, I started cooking out of curiosity. And of course, being my grandfather a chef, cooking is an everyday activity in the family. My favorite dishes? Pasta and asado.

Art begins with music and photography, two passions that I still have. But unlike music, photography was transformed into a lifestyle… I can no longer be in a place without noticing where light naturally comes from or how figures are created as a result of a shadow, or how objects and people stand out under light as it is projected from different angles.

I was born in Buenos Aires, Argentina, but I grew up in a small and beautiful town called La Cumbre Córdoba, of which I have some fantastic childhood memories.

Nine years ago I arrived in the Mexican Caribbean with an opportunity to pursue photography. There I met Faby (Guadalajara, Mexico), who is now my beautiful wife. She teaches me everything there is to know about Mexico, and ever since, she has been my traveling companion. Together we have a few and we’re going for more.

From our love emerged Allegra, our daughter. As her name implies, she brings us daily joys and love, an incredible artist in her growth process.


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